Our land in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. Just waiting for me to haul our tiny home, home.

I was born in Newfoundland, grew-up in Labrador, live and work in Ottawa. Archie Bunker and I made our first appearance in my parents’ living room the same year.

I have jumped out of an airplane, tripped up in high heels, put together a C-7 rifle with my eyes closed, pulled all-nighters working on newspapers, newsletters and late papers, marched 49 km with 50 lbs on my back, danced until 6 am, sung goofy versions of “The Christmas Song” to troops in Bosnia and Afghanistan, driven my motorcycle from Boston to Ottawa in the pouring rain, and fallen in love when I’ve least expected it.

“Airplane”, “Galaxy Quest”, “Something About Mary”, “Top Secret” and “Zoolander” still make me laugh.

I still cry when I hear bagpipes, “The Northern Lights of Labrador”, Frankie Miller’s “Caledonia” and Carly Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe”. Really, “Call Me Maybe”.

I am going to learn how to build a really, really small house. On wheels. With my nephew Owen and my partner/boyfriend/roomie Dave.

I want to live with less stuff so I can make more room for my life. And the idea of putting all of this out there for you to see scares me.


Now THAT’S a suitcase on wheels!  (I bought mine at Four Lights Tiny House Company.)


Hey I saw you comment on another blog re building a tiny home in Ottawa. Did you end up doing it? I see now you mention you are in Newfoundland. I wanna build a tiny home and keep it in Ottawa, but not sure if it’s feasible.


    Hi Roman,
    All I’ve done so far for my tiny house is buy the bathroom sink! I’ve also taken a couple of workshops in the States and helped build a 120 square foot house on a trailer in California.
    I’m not ready to build yet mainly because 1) I don’t have enough money saved; and 2) I don’t have the space to build it in or near Ottawa yet. It’s possible I could have both obstacles sorted by end of the summer, but I’m not counting on it.
    Although I’m from and have land in Newfoundland, Ottawa is currently my home base. Once I do build my tiny house I imagine it’ll be staying in Ottawa for a while before I drive it to Newfoundland. I am also curious to see how much trouble I may run into with community by-laws and minimum size standards once I start building it.
    I’d love to hear more from other people in the area who are interested in building tiny or smaller homes. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


      Hi Judy,

      I’m doing a feature on tiny houses for my second year journalism class at Carleton. I’ve decided to cover the Tiny House movement in Ottawa. Right now, I’m in the thick of my research. The piece is to be submitted in December. You are the perfect candidate now for questions on your experience to date. I too am looking for the guy who apparently set up a Tiny House club page on FB. He seems to have disappeared, but I live in hope. He’d be a great contact.

      If you can, please contact me at supersmith at gmail dot com. Also you can message me on Twitter at @aussiemandias




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