Farewell Nina the Ninja

Nina: the Ninja, the Leg, the LEGEND

Exactly one week ago today, on Friday, 1 April 2015, we had a Shoe-Selfie incident at work. It occurred in our lunchroom shortly after my colleague Nina saw the Shoe-Selfie segment on CTV’s The Social.

Unfortunately I missed the incident as I was on a conference call, but luckily our former colleague Scott pieced together the pieces of the puzzle and shared this dramatic depiction:

“Upon viewing the newly minted shoe product, which claimed to be able to take selfies from one’s foot, Nina attempted to demonstrate with stunning accuracy the ludicrousness of the product’s approach. Thus, with great care she rose from her seated position and, ensuring that there was no one in proximity, proceeded to rapidly elevate her leg to a photo-taking position, whereupon her remaining leg twisted, bent and finally buckled, sending her with alarming velocity to the floor. Bodily fluids were expunged and paramedics summoned to the scene. When they recovered from their fit of mirth, she was transported by stretcher through the halls, down the elevator, across the lobby and into a waiting ambulance. Please see youtube.com for full details…”

Sorry, there is no YouTube video of the incident. Maybe it is best that we leave this one to our imaginations… although I sure wish there was someone recording the moments when the paramedics, ER nurse and her doctor laughed their asses off as Nina recounted her tale. AND when Nina eventually discovered that the Shoe-Selfie was The Social’s April Fool’s gift to us.

Most of all, I’m sorry that today is Nina’s last day at work with us (completely unrelated to the Shoe-Selfie incident). Sure she’ll be missed for the fantastic work she did and her wicked ninja moves, but most of all I’m going to miss her laughter which would burst forth at least once a day and ring through our quiet, mostly-solemn office. Her laugh reminded us there was fun and joy and silliness to be found every day, even at work.

We’ll miss you Nina (you crazy ninja).