It’s still October 30th somewhere, right?

Ok, maybe one of these isn't actually a costume.

Ok, maybe one of these isn’t actually a costume.

My seven days are up. It was one week ago this morning that I kick-started my blog, that I promised once I reached five posts or one week, I would reach out to Susan Murphy and thank her for her post “The Number One Thing Holding You Back from Creating Great Content“.

But I don’t wanna.

I still haven’t figured out why I want to do this. Why would I write what is essentially a diary, and share it with complete strangers, or even worse, with people who know where I live?

I know that part of it is I want to document this journey, this big trip to building a tiny house. I want to write about how hard it’s going to be to let go of most of my stuff, and hopefully how good it’ll feel once I do it.

Part of it is I want to inspire my mom, show her it can be done. Of course she’ll see it first hand, and unless I give her some computer lessons on how the inter-tubes work, she’ll never see this blog. Maybe I’ll start her on Facebook first.

Part of it is the practice of writing. It’s something I find much easier to daydream about than do. I live too much in my head, and writing a blog is exercise and a commitment.

And a big part of it is that I have at least ten shopping-cart-sized boxes of photos, postcards, school reports, military assessments, newsletters, diaries, tickets, teddy bears, newspaper clippings, pins, Girl Guide badges, piggy banks, jewelry boxes, berets and shawls that I really want to hang on to… and let go of. I have so many memories and stories wrapped up in those boxes marked “Treasures” and “Personal”. It’s time to let go of all that stuff, and I figure if I can write that I was there, I did that, I failed, I survived, those were my people and I loved them, if I can attach those memories and feelings to words rather than things, then maybe I’ll be ready to let go.

And buy some more stuff (kidding!).

Speaking of stuff, I would like to take this moment to congratulate myself on not buying a Halloween costume this year. I was in Fort McMurray twice last week and both times I resisted buying a costume. Ok, one time I resisted and the other time the line up was too long. Still, when you consider how many costumes I got my hands on in Kandahar, this is quite a feat for me.

Despite my penchant for dressing as an elf/devil/ghostbuster on a military base with 30,000 soldiers, I am nervous about exposing myself on this blog – sure that’s normal. As was spending two hours after work this evening scrolling through page after page of vectors in search of the perfect paisley background and vintage tags on which to write my non-existent blog categories. Yep, 100% typical of what I would do when I don’t want to do what I should do… which is this; posting my fifth blog post and making a connection.

Get ‘er done.

(Thanks Susan!)


Yep, you’re normal! 🙂 You’re going through the things all bloggers do…heck, I still go through them and I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years!

Remember – write for yourself first. The rest comes later. Don’t worry about what others will think. This is your journey, your path. You have a great story to tell – I mean that!

I was a military brat growing up, and I lived in the Northwest Territories and the middle of nowhere BC. I can really relate to your stories of living in isolation. It resonates with those of us who have done it, and it is compelling to those who haven’t.

Keep writing. Keep sharing. The rewards will come, and they will be bountiful.


I enjoyed your blog and am looking forward to reading more. Love ya.


Hey, girl! Glad to see you in the blogosphere. I look forward to seeing what you do with it. As to getting rid of stuff, I’m a minimalist myself, so getting rid of stuff is not hard for me. I find that too much stuff just weighs you down and you are way freer once it’s gone. 🙂


Loving it so far Judy. I actually got a little lump in my throat thinking of you getting rid of all those items that evoke all your memories but if it has to be done what a great way to do it. I will be following xxx


I KNOW Susan
Like say at the table for breakfast
This is so freaking weird
Susan, Judy is my best friend
Like since we were eleven

Dude seriously


    No. Way.
    Shut the front door.
    I’m telling you, it’s a small, small world.
    But mostly, I’m just really, really glad you found me here. (Look at me! Look at me!) It’s good to be doing some kind of writing again.
    How about you? Any more writing? Or are you concentrating on other creative endeavors? I loved Violette’s and Harold’s costumes. That box head was pretty damn freaky – and detailed!
    I’ve gotta go back and check facebook – that’s where I found the first link to Susan.
    Funny how things work out.


      Yay! You’re writing!
      Me? Mostly clay right now but it’s finally fall so I’ll get back into fabric.
      The writing is intermittent
      Like sanity

      Excited to read your life
      Come to Boston!


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